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NRTS provides services across Highways England's roadside telecommunication network. The network connects emergency telephones and other roadside devices to a number of regional control centres.

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This web site serves the community of users that require the services provided by the NRTS contract. The site is also aimed at organizations that interact with the NRTS contractor. If you belong to one of these organizations and need to access the specialist services provided by this web site then apply for an account.

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NRTS operates and maintains the telecommunications services that link our 30,000 roadside assets (signs, signals, cameras) to seven regional control centres and the National Traffic Operation Centre enabling Highways England to manage and operate the network safely and efficiently. NRTS also delivers all new telecommunications services to the regional and smart motorway improvement schemes in support of RIS delivery.

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The NRTS contract provides telecommunications services to the HE and its stakeholders. Services include the provision of transmission services and related activities such as accessing and locating assets, tracking faults and accessing a range of related documentation. To find out more about these services contact the NOC Help Desk.

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Telent operates a 24/7 Help Desk. For all enquiries please contact us by telephone on 0845 603 2239 or email us at servicedesk@nrtsco.com.
Alternatively contact us online by selecting the link ("Contact Us") below.